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Your Life is Priceless!



Is your creative spark missing? Been on a left-brained (linear) track for so long that your right brain (creative) is feeling left out? Kathy will work with you to slice through barriers and bring a creative vision to the forefront quickly and affordably. . . so that you can move forward with the benefit of both sides of the brain working together. You can take positive steps by stirring up your 'creative juices' with life coaching ... to discover your value ... and your Joy!

           Live your Best Life...
     Dare to Hope ~ to Embrace
    the fulfillment of His Plan!

  Whether its retirement, recreation, a mission, writing a book or getting that degree ~ a new adventure may be in store!



You have it and you can

discover what it is! If you already know

what it is, but can't seem to put a plan together or things aren't falling into place, there's a creative way to make it happen!

It takes wisdom and both sides of the brain to make good choices and decisions!    


Thinking Outside the box 

 is important in most situations!!

What if I told you that

you ARE LIVING what you BELIEVE you "deserve"? What you believe you

'speak' into the 'CANYON'!

The 'language' you speak can and does bounce back like an echo and can determine what comes into your life ~

like a self-fulfilling prophecy!!


    "Reframe and Reclaim ...               Renew and  Dream"!


Why Journal?

It's one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Find the 'portal' to your heart. Blank pages can be inspirational ~ and yes, intimidating at times!

Photo journaling or art journaling can testify

to your deepest Spirituality and Intentions!

It can mean communing with your Creator!


   Schedule a Free   30 min.
     Consultation with me!

Let your Creativity find you!

   Kathy is one of the few people who understands how to see beyond the mask and bring out the true person. I wanted someone to walk along beside me, encouraging me, and reminding me of God’s mercy and provision. She has enthusiasm for my creative ideas and my progress and has helped me keep it all in perspective. Kathy’s strong faith, and her love for the Lord really shines through. She has such a heart and a love for others. She lifts me up in my walk with Jesus through scripture, compassion and guidance by the Holy Spirit. She encourages the gifts in me that God had placed there such as my love for people, creativity, sense of humor, and intuition.

Jae Carter, Ph.D.


    I've attended a number of Kathy's workshops over the years and have been pleasantly surprised by all the creativity that has evolved through her coaching. Her encouragement to "doodle", to journal daily and to express myself thru vision boards has not only brought such joy, but as I continue to validate my inner artist, I feel more complete and authentic. I especially appreciate her as a Christian Life Coach.

Dr. Anne Worth, LPC

​   Kathy has been a tremendous source of support, encouragement and fun!  I didn’t realize how much I was functioning from my left brain and how my inner child was longing to have more fun. She showed me various ways to engage my right brain in playful activities.  Finding that balance has made it easier to stay focused on my goals!


Michele Patrick, Mosaic artist











       LIFE .  . . .



You Are aVital,Spiritual & Creative Child of God!


Life 'happens' and often it comes out of

left field, which can stymie joy and stop us in our tracks! BUT we do not have to stay stopped! It might seem that the world has passed you by....that you are too old, too fat, too thin, not pretty enough, smart enough, happy enough, wealthy enough.....




  Shoosh Your Inner Critic!



Get Ready  to capture the mind clutter in a big, loving "butterfly net" so that you can sort it all out and bring COLORFUL ORDER to your life!

 Celebrate who you already ARE!



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