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ARTbundance (tm)  Creativity  Coaching . . .

   What exactly IS "Creativity Coaching"?


It's Life coaching with a 'twist'~ to the right hemisphere of the brain that uses intuition and connects to the part of you called your 'soul', or your inner 'self'.  The power of whimsy and intuition is used together with spontaneous thought to slice through all the layers and barriers in your mind that you may have not recognized.

The emphasis is on fun VISION BOARDS ~ It's a playful way to unearth your deepest desires and passions that lead you forward to the goals you want to attain. Whether it's personal growth or self confidence or career adjusting, we can peel back the layers to discover the best parts of you. You have creativity! You may not know it, but it's there just waiting to be revealed!








Private Life Coaching ~ one on one personal coaching by phone, in person or via Skype

Group Vision Board workshops






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