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A "Clean Slate" . . .

Making better choices

in the New Year.

My new year’s ‘resolution’ is about procrastination. So…it’s January 6th and I’m just now getting around to my New Year’s Blog. But it's 'Epiphany' (12 days after Christmas), so I am sliding in just under the wire, the way I normally do ~ and I’m already behind!

If you’re human, you realize by now you aren’t perfect, right? Perfection is a lofty goal and unattainable. Granted you are close, but you’ve finally accepted the truth that only God is perfect. I hope.

The tradition of making a resolution at the beginning of each year began thousands of years ago, originating in Babylon and then the Roman Empire. A gazillion promises later, I wonder how many have stuck! Depending on the resolution I make, I’m often tempted to scramble back to the comfort of last month’s hustle and bustle, thus avoiding the unavoidable reality that it’s time to follow through!

I say “be gentle” and “keep it simple”. If you’ve already set your plan in motion, I applaud you. If you’re feeling a little queasy inside, perhaps you might want to give yourself permission to whittle down your ambitions closer to your comfort zone without abandoning the whole idea. No need to declare war on a habit, or lack of one, just yet. You have an important, often overlooked, tool in your kit for making this year a better one than last. It’s called CREATIVITY! Let’s look into it.

“Creativity” lives right beside you. If you’ve already begun to make the changes, maybe pouring joy into the mix would make for a smoother path toward your goal. I really want you to succeed the best way possible without setting yourself up for failure. Slight adjustments may be necessary to reach your goal. Permission to wobble is fine; just don’t fall completely off the bicycle. Your confidence will grow as you keep pedaling ~ at a pace that fits you. Bringing a friend along to cheer you on and for accountability can’t hurt! Put a sticker on the calendar for each day you stay on track. Put a ‘heart’ sticker on the days you don’t. Love yourself and be aware of your self-talk!

Doodling while writing in your journal or sketchbook while you think of what it will be like when you’ve accomplished your resolution may reveal a piece of your soul seeking a voice! Write about what it’s like to have accomplished such a feat! Try different things. Imagination can be your best friend. So imagine the best outcome….and you will get there. ‘Experience’ the celebration. ‘Try on success’ to see how it will FEEL to arrive at your destination. Hear the applause of ‘the crowd’ as they congratulate your big win. Step into that ‘role’ every day. Your subconscious will then pull you all the way over the finish line! I’m totally going to be rooting for you!!


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