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           Something about Kathy . . .

As a certified Artbundance (tm)  Creativity (Life) Coach, I am also a born-again Christian. Not 'new age'! My mission is to "inspire JOY through creativity and self-expression that reflects the Glory of God's Grace & Mercy . . . to encourage personal growth that leads to a passionate and fulfilling life".  This is the reason I decided to become a creativity coach. Creativity is NOT a dirty word and it doesn't mean one has to be artistic or creative in order to benefit from my coaching method. I use whimsey a lot to brighten the process and lighten the load. I love the way this works. I've been coached in many forms; but this kind of coaching cuts through so many layers to help you learn more about yourself and where your passions lie in a non-threatening way.


As a fine artist, I've had the great fortune to study under extremely talented artists. I specialize in oil painting, collage and more. My God-given creativity has blessed me throughout my life ~ and has maintained my sanity through some of the hardest challenges.


Extreme stress can crush creativity so I love it when it bubbles

back up to the surface with all its healing power!


My own life experiences include caring for a mom with Alzheimer's, crushing economic downturns and other dramatic losses that could have destroyed me. I can certainly relate to the feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm. I consider coaching to be part of my own healing as I help others find their own Path to Joy!


I'm here for all ages along the journey called 'life'; but I especially encourage anyone past the age of 50 that it is never too late to arrive at one's highest calling! With God's intervention, a lot of prayer and great humility,


To Surrender ~ to Really Let Go of the Need to Control Your

     Destiny is the Key that Releases Tremendous Power! 


(c) 2022   All rights reserved by Kathy V Rachal. No reproduction permitted except by expressed invitation to do so within this website. Thank you.

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